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What is aeration?

Here we are aerating a lawn.

Aeration is a process to keep your soil healthy in order to give your lawn the best chance of flourishing. It involves making small holes in your soil which therefore facilitates the absorption of air, water and essential nutrients into it. Aeration makes it easier for your grass roots to take up these nutrients and therefore giving them the best chance of growing healthily. Aeration also allows for the old carbon rich soil which has become compressed and dense to become light, oxygen rich soil which makes for a great base, stimulating the grass roots and encouraging them to grow.

Aeration has many benefits:

  1. Relieves surface compaction, lessening the gradual build up of thick that below the lawns surface.
  2. Stimulates new root growth.
  3. Helps with lawn drainage and absorption.
  4. Increases the uptake of nutrients.
  5. Helps create a better balance and gaseous exchange between the soil and the surrounding atmosphere.

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