National Weed Control – Scotland

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Over 10 Years Experience.

All our operators are lawn care professionals! We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to assess and treat your lawn.

At National Weed Control we believe in giving your lawn the very best support throughout the year to keep it in the best best condition and healthy all the time. We believe that by supplying the best best food the grass and the billions of tiny organisms that support the lawn you have will have the best lawn ever.

What sets us apart

We are unlike any other company.

Unlike others we do not put extremely high nutrient quick release products on your lawn which leads to a very rapid amount of lush growth followed by an equally rapid slowing down again. Our special blends feed your grass steadily between visits whilst giving a beautiful rich green lawn.

Most of our special fertiliser blends are organically based rather than pure chemicals, these are every bit as effective but have added benefit of feeding the microbes which keep the soil around the roots of the turk in top condition – preventing a roller coaster of rapid speeding up and slowing of growth. .

Create a beautiful garden anywhere with our specialised treatments