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Lawn Care Services Glasgow

If you want a lawn that is green, looks great and free of weeds you need to do more than mow it and throw some kind of weed killer on it now and then. Unless you are willing to learn how to properly care for the lawn and to invest in the materials and tools, you need National Weed Control, the best in lawn care, Glasgow has. Our top lawn experts are qualified to deal with all kinds of lawns on both residential and commercial properties all around Glasgow. We have more than a decade in the business, we know all there is to know and make sure to stay up to date with recent developments in new methods and care. When you give the right care at the right times of the year you give your lawn the chance to be healthy all year.

Professional lawn care keeps the soil healthy

If your soil is not healthy your grass and your lawn is not going to thrive. Your soil needs to be fertile, aerated and at the right pH. Our lawn care services, Glasgow based will test your soil to determine what it needs to get it into top condition.

National Weed Control understand the different grass types

There are different grass types depending on how sun you see, and rain you get as well as your actual location. Our experience means we know those types of grass and how to properly spread seeds so they are more likely to grow well and evenly.

The lawn need fertilising and watering

As well as making sure the soil is well fertilised with the right nutrients the grass and plants can absorb and grow, the lawn also needs watering. As part of the proper lawn care, Glasgow that watering is best done in the cooler times of the day so the water penetrates and does not just evaporate.

Regular maintenance is key

It is no good putting in a lot of work to get your soil just right, the seeding right, the watering, aeration and so on, and then just to leave it and ignore it again. Regular maintenance is a must and sometimes that is hard when you have a job, kids, or lack the physical strength, or just plain do not want to do it! We come round depending on the plan you have on a regular schedule so that we can do that for you. The grass is kept a length that is not too short, the weeds are dealt with and prevented from returning and the soil is healthy.

Why invest in your lawn care?

Your lawn is not just about looking good although it is true that an attractive and well looked after lawn does add value to a property. People with lawns are providing oxygen and fighting pollution! Lawns can help muffle sound and trap dust particles from coming into your home. They give you and the family somewhere to sit and enjoy on those sunny days. Calling National Weed Control lawn care services Glasgow allows you time to enjoy the results we bring!