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Lawn Scarification

Lawn Scarification and Lawn Aeration

At National Weed Control we understand how important the two lawn care operations of aeration and lawn scarification are. Here we go through what the two processes are and why they are important to get the best results from your lawn.

What is Aeration?

This is a very important task that depends heavily on how intense and regular it needs to be depending on the soil type as well as other factors such as the level of wear. Areas that see a lot of traffic compacts and will need more regular and intensive aeration compared to somewhere that is sandy and light and free draining. The type of lawn aeration, Glasgow lawns needs varies and our professionals can do an analysis to judge what it needs best.

Why aeration is needed?

A healthy soil consists of water, air, soil, organic matter and micro-organisms. Aeration is part of the process we use at National Weed Control to maintain balance. It can better absorb water, it drains better and the aerating helps the micro-organisms too as they require oxygen. When soil is not properly aerated those important micro-organisms cannot function as well. Soil that is not well-aerated means that plants are not able to develop a healthy and extensive root system. This means when the heat comes the grass is more likely to have problems.

Therefore the main aims of National Weed Control lawn aeration Glasgow are;

  1. Improve the air supply the soil is receiving
  2. Reduce soil compaction
  3. Improve drainage on the surface
  4. Allow for a better breakdown
  5. Improve the structure of the soil
  6. Make the conditions for rooting better
  7. Improve drought resistance thanks to keeping the surface open to irrigation efforts and rainfall

What is Scarification?

This is mainly the process of turf grooming using different processes to encourage upright growth, get rid of creeping or lateral growth, clear out moss, and keep on top of the build-up of organic matter. Using our professional service at National Weed Control means you get the benefit of not just our professional expertise but also the specialised equipment we keep that handles such processes. What we use depends on the area under treatment. These things also determine the intensity of treatment we use.

Lawn scarification is guided largely by the condition of the lawn. A routine process will take care of moss, organic matter and the surface of the soil, deep scarification that penetrates further may be needed in certain situations where there is too much organic matter. That can happen when;

  • There is overwatering
  • There is over-feeding
  • Not enough aeration has happened
  • There is poor drainage

Lawn scarification must be done at the right time of the year

Since doing it at the wrong times of the year can be damaging we focus our scarification process during spring and autumn. These are key times of the year. In spring we focus on removing moss and boosting growth, and in the autumn as well as the end of year clean up work we work on preparing the area for overseeding. During the summer we keep it to some light raking regularly.