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Lawn Treatment Glasgow

Lawn Treatment Glasgow

If you are looking for the top lawn treatment Glasgow based professionals then you should definitely take a closer look at what we have to offer at National Weed Control. We boast more than years of experience and have built up not just a wealth in knowledge but also the necessary skills and equipment to best ensure we provide our clients with only the best in lawn care. Most people would not expect a flower bed to thrive with little to no care, and your lawn is the same thing. It needs attention from qualified people so that you can boast of having the healthiest and best-looking lawn in your street! Here is a look at how we stand out from our competitors and an overview of the two great packages we offer.

A unique approach that ensures healthier lawns for longer

One of the key aspects of our lawn care is supplying the best food for the soil, grass and other organisms that are essential within the soil. Unlike some other lawn care services where they promise fast results that then quickly taper off and become disappointing, we approach your lawn care with a special blend that encourages steady growth. This means you get a rich, vibrant green healthy lawn for longer. Most of our blends we are very proud to say are organically based and that is something a lot of customers are demanding. When you want a successful service for lawn treatment near me head to National Weed Control.

Optimum lawn treatment packages from National Weed Control

We understand people like to have some options to choose from, but having too many can be confusing. For that reason, we have focused our services into two excellent options for your lawn treatment needs. They are the standard package and the premium package. Here is a closer look.

Standard Package from £7.50 per month

For our standard package which is the more affordable option, you can start from just £7.50 per month! A top lawn care expert will come to assess your lawn for the first visit and look at things like the soil’s condition, its pH levels and whether there are signs that it is lacking in nutrients. After that assessment, we can best decide which fertiliser is suitable for your lawn and the current season. We will also carry out weed control and correct the pH. In just two weeks after this first visit, you should see signs of improvement in your lawn! After that, we carry out lawn treatment, Glasgow every eight weeks.

Premium Package from £14.00 per month

Those customers who chose National Weed Control’s premium option will pay still a very good price of just £14.00 per month. As well as what we offer those who take the standard plan, we also have additional services including scarification and aeration. Aeration is good for the soil of a lawn that is well used with compacted soil. It has several benefits including to the microorganisms in the soil and for the roots of the grass and plants so they can better grow. Scarification is essential a process of lawn grooming, removing moss and the build-up of organic materials. We combine this with a treatment to the lawn to help revitalise it.

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For expert lawn treatment near me call National Weed Control today. We can ensure your lawn looks great and is well maintained and healthy and we save you a lot of time and energy too.