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At National Weed Control we have over a decade of experience in lawn maintenance Glasgow. This means we know how to properly take care of your lawns. You might think all you need to do is mow the grass but there is a lot more to lawn care than that. Just a few of the things you need to know include;

  1. You need to do a soil analysis so you know the nutrients in your soil. This means not just being able to do the test but also understanding the results and how it affects your choice of lawn maintenance.
  2. You need to understand what type of grass or sod is best for your location and then what fertilizer is best for it, how often to apply it and understanding the difference between organic and commercial options.
  3. Even just the cutting of the grass takes expertise to get it done properly. Knowing how long or short it needs to be, what tools are required for a mature lawn versus what to do with a newly sodded or seeded lawn.
  4. How often does it need to be watered and much does it need?

That is why we at National Weed Control strongly believe the best thing for your lawn is to hire professionals. When you are looking for top lawn maintenance Glasgow located come check us out and see why we are the best in the area. Still not convinced you need us? Here is a look at why having a professional service for your lawn is better than a DIY approach!

Good Lawn Maintenance Takes Commitment

The thing about lawn care is there is a difference between keeping the grass mowed, and proper care of both the soil and the lawn. It takes commitment, physical work and time to get it right. Plus you need to invest time and money into learning about it and getting the right tools and supplies. Investing in National Weed Control is the best way to ensure people with the right knowledge look after your lawn, at the right times with the latest in techniques and developments. As well as great lawn maintenance Glasgow based we understand;

  • Soil science, the different fertilizers different soils need and when they need them
  • The different types of lawn weeds that can grow and how to not just remove them but better prevent them from growing again
  • We have the experienced and skilled manpower to handle trimming, carrying away debris, mowing, edging and so on

Choosing National Weed Control over DIY

For some, they think doing it themselves will save them money. Others might not even realise their lawns need proper care to thrive. Then some enjoy the work and take a sense of accomplishment and pride when they get their lawn looking good themselves. But if you are looking for the best results, a professional-looking lawn, and are ready to accept a lawn expert who knows best how to get a lawn thriving then give is a call or look online for National Weed Control. We offer competitive rates, highly skilled and experienced lawn care professionals and can be trusted for any lawn maintenance Glasgow.