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Rhododendron Ponticum Removal

The Rhododendron Ponticum Removal is an evergreen small tree or shrub brought to Britain in the 18th century. It is attractive with dark leaves and flower trusses and in its native habitat, it is found in forests as an understory plant. There are two areas it thrives one in Eastern Europe and one in the Iberian peninsula. It has taken hold in the wild in several places in Britain Rhododendron Ponticum removal UK experts sometimes face quite expansive thickets. Here is a closer look at the plant itself and how to go about its removal.


This is a small tree or evergreen shrub that is up to 8m in height. It has oval-shaped leaves that are long, between 10 to 20cm, dark green above and then paler green underneath. The leaf stem is 1 to 3cm long and a stalk can have up to 15 flowers on it that open in late spring.

Rhododendron Ponticum Removal

About the plant

It creates dense patches and layers itself too. It can cause so that there is not enough light for other plants to do well. It contains chemicals that are toxic to mammals and these are in the nectar, leaves and flowers too. It is strongest in the young buds and emerging leaves. One plant produces seeds in huge quantities, some suggest it can be as many as 7000! The wind can carry those seeds to other areas, they spread from movement in the soil and due to poor management efforts. Seeds can stay dormant in the soil for years waiting to germinate when the conditions are good.

Rhododendron Ponticum Removal

It is important when dealing with removal that a proper plan is in place to avoid making the problem worse, and to stay safe. Physically clearing the plants can happen by machinery or by hand it depends on each case. If they are in an especially craggy area for example then the machinery is not going to be able to get there. If you can it makes sense to use Rhododendron Ponticum removal UK experts. They have the training and know-how to do it safely. The plants need to be cleared to the ground and then the stumps are treated and chipped or burnt along with the debris. Forestry mulchers, chainsaws, potentially other large machinery are effective and stumps are winched up out.

Once this initial process happens the hand pulling and chemical treatment need to carry on for several years. Chemical control is possible. Herbicides can be injected at certain points and they can be sprayed. It is necessary to clear some space if the plants are thick together by hand first. The Rhododendron ponticum removal program needs to have a regular review to make sure things are applied at the correct time in the correct way. As mentioned complete eradication of this weed is not simple or a one treatment process. It takes years of staying on top of the control methods used and doing it properly.

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