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Weed Control Services Glasgow

When you are looking for a great weed control service near me, look no further than National Weed Control. With 10 years of experience, we have the best for lawn care and weed control needs. To stay looking great and healthy your lawn needs more than just mowing now and then. We are proud to boast some of the best looking lawns in Glasgow are under our care! Here is a look at what actually goes into keeping a healthy lawn.

Weed Removal

When you are looking for a weed control service near me, this means you are likely having problems with weeds growing up through your lawn. While there are products you can try off the shelf, our lawn expertise is the best way to not just get rid of those weeds, but keep them away too.

More to mowing the lawn than you think!

It is important not to cut a lawn too short as in hot weather this can lead to scorching and patches of the lawn not doing well. At National Weed Control we know what length to leave your lawn in so that it is perfectly lush but still protected too. It does mean we have to come over to cut the lawn more often to keep it neat, but when you see how healthy your lawn is now, it is worth the investment.


The best times of the year for aeration is in spring and autumn. There are some simple hand tools a person can use for this work, but we also have more complex tools that allow our experts to do a better job, a lot quicker and we save you all that hard work!

Repairing patches

If you do have some patches that are bald you need us to come over and repair them. The best time for its spring when the climate is just right for new growth.

Keeping the soil fertilised

Knowing what kind of soil you have is important when you want to take care of it and give it the right fertiliser. At National Weed Control part of the services we offer includes soil analysis so we can provide the best nutrients to keep it healthy and growing strong.

Watering at the right times

Some people get the watering wrong and that can have a serious impact on the lawn. The best time is when it is cooler so in the evening. Watering in very hot temperatures is pointless as the water just evaporates and does not penetrate far enough. For the same reason, we will lean towards planting new lawns in the spring or start of autumn when it is a milder temperature.

Good drainage

If you are noticing water is not draining well, you could opt to find a weed control service near me like National Weed Control as we can help figure out what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.


Another process we perform in the spring is scarification. It is a good way to remove the moss, dead grass and prevent disease in the lawn. It prepares the lawn for its best growing months.